Whether you are a student, teacher, business professional or someone looking to present statistical information before an audience to reflect upon a social issue, it is likely you will require touching upon three important subtopics. These would be the subtopics which form the basis for many types of analysis. And these subtopics are; past, present and future. Without looking at the past it can be difficult to understand the present and to eventually draw conclusions to forecast future events. You can create animated past present future diagrams for PowerPoint with the aid of a simple presentation template that we have singled out for our readers.



Past, Present and Future Diagrams for PowerPoint

The Animated Past Present Future PowerPoint Template is an awesome slide deck which gives a number of slides for discussing past events, the present scenario and future forecasts. These diagrams come in the form of sample slides that can be used for making timelines, roadmaps, custom diagrams, infographics, etc.


Interactive Past, Present and Future Themed Slides

There are interactive buttons on each slide which allow switching between slides with ease. Just click the symbol designated for each slide and you can switch to it. For example, there is a slide which depicts three plants, labeled past, present and future. This slide can be reached by clicking on the plant icon.



Recolor and Reorganize Slides

You can customize the sample illustrations in a number of ways. You can recolor the black and white layouts within PowerPoint, reorder slide elements, add your own content, copy objects from slides to create custom layouts and even resize slide elements.


With highly customizable, interactive slides, this template allows you to create a slide deck where you can not only discuss past, present and future events but also seamlessly switch between slides in a single-click.

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