Whether you are making a presentation about financial reports, your sales strategy, a business plan or providing your boss with a competitor analysis, your presentation will somehow entail success as a topic. This is because all of the aforementioned is a part of trying to make a business succeed. Painting Picture of Success is an animated PowerPoint template which provides a comprehensive set of slides which can be used for making presentations with a hint of optimism.

Success animation for PowerPoint


Animated Video Background with Custom Text

The animated video background slide which initiates the slide deck can be customized by following the instructions given within the template. There is a link provided within the second slide which redirects to the download page for the custom text video background. You can add your own text and logo to customize this video background and then download it in a desired format.

Customize success video background

As shown from the image below, you can download this video background slide as a PowerPoint, Flash, MOV or WMV file.

Donwload video background in PPTX, mov, wmv or flash format


We customized this video background and downloaded it as a PPTX file with the Slide Hunter logo. The below image shows our custom version of the title slide. You can create a custom title slide by going to this link.

Painting success video animation with custom text and logo

Attractive Slide Layouts with Success Themed Illustrations

The rest of the slides need no special customization, as all changes can be made by simply editing the slide directly. You can insert the customized title slide to rest of the slide deck to create a robust presentation, with a powerful title slide.

Paint themed slides


All Kinds of Slide Layouts

Whether you need to make a timeline, chart, table or diagram, the sample layouts can help you create a professional slide in no time. The layouts have been designed to be editable down to the most basic slide elements and the sample layouts give enough flexibility to create various slide types with ease.

Attractive slide layouts

There are PowerPoint charts, SmartArt diagrams, as well as other types of slides which can be moulded according to need by the presenter. With more than a dozen sample slides, the customization possibilities are quite infinite and presenters can play around with the sample content to create different types of interesting slides to better reflect their content.

Paint themed diagram slide design

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