If you need a nostalgic Christmas PowerPoint template that might evoke some old memories, you might like the rustic table slide designs of the Christmas Nostalgia Template for PowerPoint. This template comes with various themes, depicting a coffee mug, apple and acorn placed on a table, with Christmas themed graphics.

Multiple Christmas Themes in a Single Template

There are multiple Christmas themes in this template, with colorful graphics and Christmas symbolism. You can use this template for making Christmas related presentations, be it for personal, business or academic purposes.


The rustic table theme comes with a number of variations, with different graphical settings. The same layout also comes with a red and green overlay, to give you more variety regarding the available slide designs that you can use for your slide deck.

Unique Christmas Layouts

The layouts are unique in the sense that they offer designs that are not conventional. While you do get to see snowflakes, Santa, and reindeer symbolism, the rustic coffee table background gives a new take that you can use for your Christmas slides. And, it might also evoke some memories, as such a setting is all too common for Christmas decorations.


Editable Animated and Static Slides

You can edit the slides by selecting individual objects. You can duplicate, remove, recolor, reshape and resize objects with a touch of your own creative sense. Alternatively, you can use the slides the way they are, with subtle changes.

There are various animated and static slides in this slide deck. The animated slides load with pre-configured animations, which makes them more attractive in Slide Show mode than static ones. The text, pictures, graphics and other content you add to these slides will also load with these pre-configured animations, which can allow you to create animated presentations with little effort.

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