To present interconnected subtopics cohesively, animated slides can help you easily present your topic before an audience with some visual aid. The Animated Network Circles Template for PowerPoint provides slides which load vertically with animations. The template gives slides which come with connectors hooked to straight lines, presenting a network style layout for presentation slides.

Network Themed Slides

The opening slide can be edited by replacing the sample image and adding your presentation title. You can also add or remove content to further customize this title slide. Be it a presentation about social networks, computer networking or even business, finance or marketing; this template can help you create visually appealing slides.


animated network circles template for powerpoint

The title slide is followed by a sample slide to introduce your services. This is followed by a slide to discuss your portfolio or that of a team. You can also change the headings for these slides to accommodate another topic of your choosing. Different slides in the template have a network themed layout with sample pictures within circles representing nodes. There is also space for adding text around these nodes to explain different details within your slides.

connected circles presentation template for powerpoint

Present Financial Information

You can also present financial information by editing a sample chart in this slide. Additionally, you can also make space to add your own custom charts and tables.


connected circles charts

There are 9 slides for presenting your content, followed by instructions regarding how to customize the animated slides. To create timelines and present project goals, you can use slide 7 and 8.  The former gives an editable timeline, whereas the latter provides a sample slide for presenting your goals.

connected circles project timeline

The template has slides with shades of blue, green, white and grey. There is good use of whitespace throughout the template which can be great for making your content easy to grasp.

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