Mountains have always been symbolic for strength, success and perseverance. Not only are mountains often a part of poetic themes but can also be a good theme to carry in your slide decks. The Animated Mountain PowerPoint Template is a well-crafted template which gives powerful imagery, depicting mountains, people and a glowing sun.

Highly Customizable Slides

You can heavily customize the given slides by following the simple instructions given in the tooltips. You can use these instructions for making custom slides from the sample content. The text-boxes come with stylish, replaceable text, which can help you add captions amidst powerful imagery.


Mountain PowerPoint template

Give the Illusion of a Rising or Setting Sun

The image below shows a slide that we customized with our own text. One thing you might want to do is to make sure that you move the sun layer from the slides to be able to edit the text. Once you have added your caption, you can place the image of the sun anywhere on your slide. By default, it comes just over the text captions, however, in this case, we moved it to the right, giving the illusion of a rising sun.

Slide hunter sample caption

Since, the sun image shows a glowing sun, with somewhat vague light, you can use it to give the illusion of the rising or setting sun. You can use captions to define your message and to better explain the generic imagery. For example, the image below can be easily moulded with a caption to talk about teamwork, hard work, perseverance, a tough financial quarter, etc. The point is that you can easily manipulate the slides to make presentations that go with your topic.


Create custom slides with mountain captions

Create Infographics, Illustrations & Comparisons

There are some slides that can perfectly be used for making comparisons, illustrations and infographics. You can use the given text-boxes to populate data or simply customize the sample layouts to create any of the aforementioned type of slides.

Create infographics and custom illustrations

Silhouette Clipart

There are some really interesting silhouettes throughout the template and you can even copy and replace them to change the look of default slide designs. There is even a silhouette clipart set given in this template which can be used to fetch silhouette art for your slides.

Silhouette clipart

Almost all slide elements in this template are editable, which makes it possible to create your own amazing set of slide decks with the utility to recolor and resize objects. You can download this and other sun and mountain landscape templates from the link below.

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