Chemistry is one of those odd topics for which a good presentation template is hard to find. Animated Mixing The Formulas PowerPoint Template is a flexible template which comes with the most easily editable slide objects and several chemistry related layouts.

Easy to Customize Chemistry Themed Slides

The central theme of this PowerPoint template is a chemistry lab which is depicted throughout sample slides. These layouts can be customized and you can even change the colors of the lab equipment. The slides provide clipart for microscopes, flasks, burners and test tubes, which you can also copy and use in various other slides.


Animated mixing the formulas PowerPoint template

Suitable for a Wide Range of Topics

Whether you want to make a presentation about chemistry, science or need to present your research, this template can be used to create anything from text based slides to diagrams and infographics. The layouts are quite easy to mould and therefore, the template works as a toolkit for making your presentation slides.

Chemistry experiment illustration

More Than a Dozen Slide Layouts

With 21 sample slides you get a wide range of layouts for making your presentation slides. This includes bullet lists, charts, timeline slides, as well as generic slides you can use for making diagrams and infographics.


Microscope illustration with bullet list

Below is a timeline slide that can help you create timelines for experiments, projects and chain of events. It comes with a sample illustration of an experiment that you can change by reordering and recoloring slide objects.

Chemistry lab slide design

Chemistry Related Clipart

While the objects in slides are editable and can be copied around, the chemistry clipart also comes individually in the form of clipart slides. These slides offer sample clipart that can be used for not only chemistry but also other scientific topics like biology, botany, Virology, etc.

You can also use slides and clipart in this template symbolically to create presentations on topics as diverse as business, marketing, team-work and the like. This is because the sample content can be moulded to illustrate diagrams which might symbolically represent chemistry between a group of employees, a marketing plan, project proposal or some other subject . The clipart images depicted below for instance can have infinite applications.

Chemistry clipart

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