With the increased use of digital technology, the demand for more efficient microchips is only quite natural. Microchips are used in all types of devices, be it smartphones, tablets, LED screens to its more recent use in humans as smart biometric sensors. If you need to use microchips as a theme in your presentation or need to make a deck on technology, science or innovation, you might find the Animated Microchip PowerPoint Template useful.

microchip circuit connections

Microchip & Circuit Board Slide Designs

As you would expect, the title slide shows a circuit board like layout, representing a microchip. This is followed by more microchip style layouts with wires connected to nodes, with text-boxes to help you elaborate upon your topic.


animated microchip powerpoint template

The circuit board like layouts can help add some color to your slides, while allowing you to build your slides around visually appealing imagery to ensure that your slides don’t appear dull. Furthermore, you can redesign slide layouts by using drag and drop.

microchip circuit board slide design

Animated Slides

Since the template is animated, the microchip slide designs load with animations. This can help you better highlight your text and make the most out of your presentation content. The Microchip slide layouts are also quite colorful and you can even recolor slides by selecting individual slide objects.


microchip timeline

Scientist Clipart

The presentation template also provides clipart depicting scientists. This clipart is not just present in various slides but there is also a complete clipart slide with sample scientist clipart images that you can copy to use around in various slides.

microchip clipart with scientist

There are also speech bubbles next to these scientist illustrations with various sample symbols. The scientists also present different hand gestures in each illustration. These gestures can be used for depicting innovation, new ideas, perfection, success, curiosity, research, etc.

scientist clipart

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