A loudspeaker illustration often signifies freedom of speech, an important announcement or a personal opinion. Animated Loudspeaker PowerPoint Template gives loudspeaker illustrations as editable slide objects. This animated template gives various sample layouts which can be used for making anything from regular text-heavy slides to infographics, comparison slides, timelines and more.

Animated loudspeaker PowerPoint template


Multi-Purpose Presentation Template

You can use this template in a variety of ways and for a number of topics. The loudspeaker illustrations can be used for presentations about communication, freedom of speech, presentations that provide presenters the chance to express an opinion, as well as to broadcast an important message via a webinar or corporate presentation. The slides are general-purpose and can be used according to your specific needs with little customization.

Loudspeaker content slide

Present your Message with Animations

The slides load with animations which make the content stand out. All you have to do is to add text and images to default slides and you will get a slide deck which will automatically load in animated form. To edit the animations, go to the Animations Pane via the Animations tab from the PowerPoint Ribbon menu.

Animated loudspeaker slides


Editable Layouts with Infographic Slides

A number of slides in this template can be suitably used for making infographics. With editable slide elements, these slides can be quite handy for presenting data or ideas with the visual aid of loudspeaker illustrations. The jigsaw puzzle megaphone for instance in the slide depicted below can be a good layout for creating an infographic by replacing the sample icons on the megaphone with illustrative icons related to your topic or text-boxes.

Puzzle pieces making up loudspeaker

The slide given below is another good layout for making an infographic by either using the default icons or by replacing them with images or symbols which might help you illustrate a concept as an infographic, with associated text.

Loudspeaker infographics

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