A lucky break is often accompanied by the exclamation; ‘Jackpot’. A slot machine symbolizes many things, including; bad habits, luck and risk. If you intend to incorporate such symbolism in your next presentation then here is a template that can help you make a killer slide deck! Animated Jackpot Winner Template for PowerPoint is a set of customizable slides, which provide slot machine animations.

Slot Machine Animation

The template starts with a slot machine animation. The animation stops at a ‘jackpot’, with the title ‘winner’ labeled on top of the machine. You can edit this title and replace it with your presentation topic.


Slot machine PowerPoint template

Animated Slides with Gold Pot Illustrations

There are a number of animations across this slide deck. Such as the content page that depicts a pot of shinning gold, with the text ‘winner’ appearing the backdrop. You can replace this with your own text and use the right side for adding your own content.

Gold pot illustration

Animated Gold Pot Bulleted List

Slide 3 and 4 can be used for making bulleted lists. The latter provides an animations sequence of gold pots appearing one by one, with text. By editing the text-boxes you can reveal your bullet points one by one, upon mouse click; when presenting your slides.


Gold pot illustration

Charts, Tables and Clipart

The various editable layouts in this template provide PowerPoint charts and tables, as well as SmartArt and clipart images. This makes it easy to quickly create a range of slides by simply adding text, images and even videos to existing sample slides.

Animated chart with gold coin animation

The clipart slide provides gold coin, jackpot handle and slot machine illustrations for use across your slides.

Slot machine and gold coins clipart

This is a PPTX template, which makes it compatible with most editions of PowerPoint, which also includes PowerPoint 2013 and PowerPoint 2016.

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