If you’re looking for a presentation template that can help you represent Irish festivals like St. Patrick’s Day, St. Stephen’s Day, Easter Monday, Electric Picnic or other Irish festivals, we have just the template you need. Animated Ireland PowerPoint Template can help give your slides a festive look for Irish festivals, corporate events and marketing presentations.

Ireland Related Layouts

The entire template contains a range of Ireland themed layouts, with famous symbols associated with Irish culture including clovers, leprechauns, the flag of Ireland and the like. The template has a dark green outlook with colors representing the Irish tricolor flag.


animated ireland powerpoint template

Fun Irish Stencils

Some slides in the template provide fun Irish stencils with moustaches, beards and hats. You can replace the sample images with your own to give your photos a fancy look. This can help you make cheerful slides to mark Irish festivals and holidays.

animated irish powerpoint template

Other than stencils representing people, the template also has stencils for pets. You can showcase pets by replacing sample images to add some humour to your slides.


pet stencil

You can design your comparisons, timelines and sample diagrams using the slides in this Irish presentation template. Furthermore, you can add charts or tables to present your data. Slides can be emptied out by making space by removing individual objects. You can also use drag and drop and make use of the customization options in this template to create and recreate slide designs as you wish to.

irish comparison slide

Clipart with Irish Icons

The Irish clipart set given in this template is great for creating and designing your slides. With beards, moustaches, fancy Irish hats, leprechauns and clovers, you can create a range of fancy slides with Irish symbols. You can use these clipart images to design new slides, edit sample slides or create new versions of existing content by duplicating slides from this template.

irish clipart for powerpoint

For this and more Ireland themed templates and clipart, go to Presentermedia.

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