Animated Ice Eclipse Christmas PowerPoint Template is an interesting Christmas and Holiday Season themed PowerPoint template that you can use for making presentations nearing the end of the year. This template contains sample slides with layouts geared towards presenters looking to add the holiday cheer to their end of the year presentations.

Christmas & Holiday Season Themed Slides

The sample slides echo the Christmas, Holiday Season and winter season fervor. You can also modify these slides to convert this template to a New Year slide deck. The opening slide comes with the animation of falling snowflakes, with a frozen moon depicted in the backdrop.


Animated Ice Eclipse Christmas PowerPoint Template

Modify Sample Slides

There are slides for making content, comparison, picture and title slides. You can also modify these slides to add charts, tables, diagrams and the like.

Animated Winter PowerPoint Template

Frames for Highlighting Important Content

There are a few slides with some frames that can be used for adding your own photos or you can use them for inserting text. These frames can be good for highlighting important information. In fact, you can even use them to depict charts and trends. Since these frames are depicted side by side, you might want to use charts that can act as a comparison of different trends.


Happy Holidays

You can also just simply use photos to highlight key events and discuss major achievements of the organization. Another use for these slides can be to create family slideshows for Christmas and Holiday Season events.

Holiday Season PowerPoint Frames

Set of Sample Frames & Other Design Elements

There is a slide with a set of sample icons, frames and text. You can use these to design your own version of the given slides. You can copy the text placeholders and edit the text, copy and insert the frames in slides and add your own photos to them and use the snowflakes and other design elements to make your slides more attractive.

Sample Frames and Design Elements

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