History lessons can be quite boring and keeping students engaged can be a challenge for teachers. However, using the right template can help make your content interesting enough to keep your students interested. In fact, a good template can even be handy to help students memorize important bits of information with the visual aid of clipart and illustrations. Animated History PowerPoint Template gives history themed slides for making history related presentations more engaging.

Animated History PowerPoint Template

Make History Related Presentation More Interesting

The template comes with animations so all you need to do is to edit the sample slides to generate animated content without breaking a sweat. The template contains a range of images related to different eras in history. You can also add your own clipart and images to further customize and refine the slides to match your topic.


Roman Era Clipart

History Related Clipart Images

There are clipart images which depict different eras in history including the era of the Romans, Vikings, the American Civil War, etc. You can use this clipart to depict these various eras to discuss important events that shaped history with the visual aid of relevant clipart to make your presentations more memorable.

History Related Clipart Images

Create Custom Slides by Editing Sample Content

You can use the given slides to create content which provides anything from stats, data to timelines, key facts about historical events, forecasts for future events, etc. The sample slides can be edited by selecting objects individually and using drag and drop to move them around. You can also explore the various Ribbon menu options to further customize the look of the sample content according to need.


Pirate Slide

The template has been designed to create any presentation where you might need to discuss historical events or anything tied to history in general. You can preview all animated sample slides from the product page before downloading this template.

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