Burying or hiding your head in the sand is a famous idiom, often used to describe individual or collective ignorance regarding an impending danger. While the idiom originated from the myth that ostriches hide their heads in the sand, the idiom is all but true for many people. For example, many would say that many desktop manufacturers are fast vanishing due to the rise of mobile devices because they have failed to diversify, with their heads buried in the sand. Animated Hiding Head in Sand PowerPoint Template depicts this dilemma perfectly, with an illustration of a stick figure with his head in the sand.


Hiding Head in Sand Illustration

This PowerPoint template emphasizes on the idea of the dangers of ignorance. This can be observed from the title slide immediately, as the sample subtitle says; ‘what are you ignoring?’. The background of the template is that of a beach, with subtle animations that reveal the content of the slides upon mouse-click.


Impressive Beach Background

There are different types of slide layouts to help you get started. These include a title slide, content slide, comparison slide, as well as slides with sample diagrams and charts. There are six sample slides, with scope for adding new or duplicating existing slides. All slides have the same impressive beach background, with editable slide objects.


Editable & Replaceable Slide Elements

You can change the position of the head in sand illustration using drag and drop and even remove it from certain slides to make way for more content. The default content has been cleverly placed with a semi-transparent white background, making the content easy to view over the beautiful beach background.


You can not only add additional placeholders but for ease of editing also copy existing ones; to design professional looking slides. This will also ensure that your content is not only legible but also gels well with the background.


Since this is a fully editable deck, you can perform anything from minor to major changes to design your slides according to need.

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