With swooping slide animations for displaying slides with your charts, diagrams and infographics, the Animated Flowing Swoops PowerPoint Template brings some interesting slide designs for professional presenters.

Swooping Title Slide with Replaceable Image

You can replace the image on the title slide and make use of the sample content to customize it according to need. This will enable you to instantly create a title slide with a swooping animation of pink lines crossing over the slide. You can even select and edit the color of the default pink lines to match your company logo or presentation topic.


Animated Flowing Swoops PowerPoint Template

Variety of Sample Slides

There are a number of sample slides which provide you with layouts to introduce your services, briefly describe your presentation topic, talk about your company, present information about your target market or scope of operations, present charts and timelines, etc.

Discuss your Services

You can use the sample chart slides to design your charts and to create timelines or infographics. The editable diagram and chart slides can be edited and recolored. You can also drag to change the position of slide objects. As the slides are animated, you might want to see how the animations are affected by your changes by running your slides in Slide Show mode.


What Makes us Tick

Create Custom Diagrams using Sample Ones

There are various diagram slides which can help you design slides with your own illustrations to discuss essential aspects of your presentation. These are easy to edit slides that require little effort for redesign. You can simply add text to create custom diagrams or edit them by recoloring and repositioning slide objects.

Custom Swooping Diagrams

There is also a slide with sample clipart to help you create custom slides. You can copy these high-quality clipart images and use them across slides as needed.

Swooping Clipart

To preview the animated slides and to download the template, see the product page via the link below.

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