Want to comprehensively showcase your family tree or an organizational chart? The Animated Family Tree PowerPoint Template is just what you need. This is a multi-purpose template that can be used for showing any type of hierarchy, with the pictures of individuals that fall in each category. You can use this PowerPoint template for making and presenting family trees, and organizational charts.

Create Family Trees & Organizational Charts with Pictures

There are 8 sample slides in this template. The opening slide gives a diagram for a family tree. There are placeholders for adding your own images for each member in the tree, as well as space for adding explanatory text. You can replace the images in the chart by clicking on the image placeholders in each part of the tree.


Show Complete Biodata for Individuals

You can also explain the profile of each member of the family or organization by adding an image and detailed biodata. To explain details for multiple individuals, you can duplicate this slide and edit it according to need.

Reveal Multiple Family Members Side by Side

There is also scope for making side by side comparisons by using the 3rd sample slide; which is meant for this very purpose. There are also two and three column text based slides where you can provide a written comparison of individuals.


The given animated tree diagrams in this template come in various sizes. Some provide fewer sections than others. However, you can copy individual items within slides to generate comprehensive family trees according to need. You can expand or reduce the scope of family trees by adding or removing items to match your requirements.

This family tree template can be downloaded for PowerPoint and Keynote.

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