The Animated Factory PowerPoint Template depicts various factory themed layouts with jigsaw puzzle like parts making up factory buildings. This PowerPoint template is fully customizable and you can move individual jigsaw puzzle parts and reshape them according to need.

Puzzle Pieces for Making Attractive Slides

The available sample layouts are quite visually appealing and therefore, you can create a professional looking presentation about a factory, a flow chart, environmental issues, sustainable development, chemical waste, carbon emissions, etc.


Factory PowerPoint template

Recolor and Customize Puzzle Pieces

You can easily recolor the given puzzle pieces that make up the factory building diagrams in the sample slides using PowerPoint Drawing Tools. You can also change the shape type and perform other desired customizations with a bit of improvisation, using various common options from the PowerPoint Ribbon menu.

Animated factory PowerPoint template

Create Factory Themed Diagrams

As the layouts are customizable, you can easily replace the sample content to create your own diagrams and illustrations to present essential aspects of your presentation.


You can also create or add charts to represent data, as well as complement the animations by adding images. To preview how the built-in animations sync with your content, preview the presentation in Slide Show mode. Compatibility details for this template are as followed:

  • PowerPoint for Windows
  • PowerPoint for Mac
  • Keynote for Mac
  • Keynote for iPad

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Factory PowerPoint Template (Standard Version)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Factory PowerPoint Template (Widescreen Version)

Factory puzzle chart

Shiny Puzzle Clipart

If your topic is more about jigsaw puzzles, then this clipart can be another handy resource for making slides about puzzles or symbolic puzzle themed content. This clipart shows a shiny silver globe with a missing puzzle piece lying on the ground.

You can download this clipart in a custom resolution and also make changes to the background color, saturation, reflection and brightness from the developer’s website.
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Go to Presenter Media – Shiny Puzzle Clipart

Shiny puzzle clipart