Environmental degradation is one of the biggest challenges of recent times. This is why there has been a lot of debate over how to control the impact of damages being caused to the environment due to over-cultivation, deforestation, pollution, and its lingering effects like global warming and climate change. You can discuss all types of environmental issues with the Animated Environmental Protection PowerPoint Template. 

Animated Environmental Protection PowerPoint Template

Suitable for Environment & Conservation Related Topics

The template’s title slide depicts symbols related to core environmental issues such as nuclear energy, deforestation, industrial pollution and contamination of seas due to oil rigs. The background design of the template also portrays a bleak picture symbolizing a polluted environment. This can help present your topic effectively before an audience by setting the stage for you to present the severity and challenges associated with environmental degradation.


Pollution from Industries

Self-Explanatory Illustrations

The illustrations in the template highlight key challenges and issues in a very self-explanatory way. You can make use of these illustrations to discuss the various factors affecting climate change and global warming. You can also use this template if you intend to discuss solutions and ideas for environmental protection.

Oil Rig

If you’re a corporate entity looking to create a more responsible outlook for your enterprise, this template can help you present the initiatives your organization is taking to fulfill their obligation towards conservation of the environment.


Diagrams on Environment

Create Custom Diagrams & Infographics

You can also design infographics and diagrams by using the editable slides. These slides allow editing everything from the clipart to small objects within sample slides. This can help you redesign slides to fulfill all the specific needs of your presentation. You can always add additional content like videos and images pertinent to your topic to further refine the sample slides.

Create Infographics on Environment

Create Detailed Comparisons

You can compare the various factors tied to environmental pollution by making use of the sample comparison diagram in the template. You can also replace the sample images to create a new type of comparison according to need.

Compare Hazardous to the Environment

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