When teaching an audience about first aid, safety measures at the workplace to prevent an accident, or emergency measures to be taken in the wake of an unfortunate event; it is necessary to have the right visual aid at your disposal. The Animated Emergency Response PowerPoint Template gives a comprehensive set of editable slides for making presentations about emergency measures.

Animated Emergency Response PowerPoint Template

Make a Presentation on Emergency Response

The slides in the template contain various sample illustrations for emergency response in the wake of a fire, accident or a physical ailment. The title slides can be used to introduce your topic, whereas the remaining slides can be customized for use according to your presentation needs.


Make a presentation on Emergency Response

Animated Slides with Easy Editing Options

The template covers everything from calling an emergency number like 911, to extinguishing fire or administering CPR to resuscitate an individual. You can customize the editable slides and use them according to your specific presentation topic with little adjustments. The slides come with animated content, so anything you add to the slides will animate automatically.

Emergency Response

Slides with Simple Instructions for Emergency Response

There are some interesting slides that offer simple concepts for easily explaining emergency response measures to any audience. For example, this slide discusses PASS, which is a concept used to teach people about using a fire extinguisher by pulling the pin, aiming at the base, squeezing the lever and sweeping side to side for putting off a fire.


PASS to Extinguish Fire

Using the available slides, you can also create your own infographics and diagrams. Furthermore, you can also make use of the 14 sample slides to quickly create a presentation about basic emergency response measures that can be useful for employees in an organization in the wake of an emergency. You can also follow up your presentation with more practical demonstrations and use this template as a basic introductory slide deck for your complete training.

CPR Instructions

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