Your Best Education is an education PowerPoint template which gives animated slides and a number of professionally designed layouts that can help you make presentations about education and school. This animated education template for PowerPoint can be helpful particularly for teachers who might be looking for educational presentation templates for making interesting class lectures, with the visual aid of some vibrant graphics.

Your best education PowerPoint template


Easily Create Animated Class Lectures

With 12 sample slides, the template starts with a title slide, which provides school themed clipart. You can also drag and drop to rearrange this clipart to customize the title slide. There are text-boxes for aiding a title and subtitle, which you can fill out to simply create a good looking title slide without any extra effort.

Easily customize sample educational slides

Interesting Slide Designs which can be Used for Many Topics

Since the slides in this education PowerPoint template are very basic in nature, with scope for customization, you can manipulate the generic slide content to create your own version of sample slides. There are different editable illustrations with text-boxes, which makes it easy to create anything from basic to heavily customized versions of sample slides.

Add text to educational slide


There are tooltips which provide instructions to help you change the look of the default slides. For example, you can change the color of slide objects by selecting them and also move them using drag and drop. Since this is a fully customizable slide deck, you can change even the look of basic elements within slides. This is a rare feature, since many presentation templates don’t provide this extensive level of customization.

Educational presentation template

Turn Sample Slides into Infographics, Timelines & Comparison Slides

You can make use of the given layouts to create different types of slides with timelines, infographics, comparison slides, and the like. You can also insert your own charts and tables to build upon your content using default layouts.

Pencil infographics

Exclusive Education Clipart

While the clipart within slides is editable and can be copied around, the last slide in the template also gives exclusive clipart images which you can use to create custom educational slides. You can also use this clipart to create infographics or to spruce up your content with the aid of attractive clipart.

Education clipart

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