Earth Scape PowerPoint Video Background Template provides a single animated slide of a rotating earth image, with two smaller planets on each side. The animation appears to be a futuristic digital schematic of planet Earth being displayed on a digital screen.

Animated Template with Rotating Earth Animation

This animated video background can be easily customized from within PowerPoint. You can add your own title, logo and images and preview the animation in Slide Show mode to see how your added text and imagery matches with the animated template.


Earthscape video background

You can also edit the video itself by using PowerPoint Video Tools. For example, you can trim or crop the video, change its color overlay and add effects.

Rotating earth video background

You can also download this rotating Earth animation in the form of a Flash or Windows Media video or in Apple’s MOV video format. This can help you use this video background for not only presentations but also your YouTube or blog post videos, which you can create using any video editing software which supports the aforementioned video formats.


You can download this animated Earth themed template for Keynote and PowerPoint from the link given below.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Earth Scape PowerPoint Video Background Template

Rotating earth PowerPoint animation

Earth Rotating Animated Clipart

This is a simple rotating Earth GIF animation. The download options for this animated clipart allow you to download this GIF with a transparent or white background. You can also tinker with the colors and effects of the GIF before downloading it from the Presenter Media website.

Rotating earth GIF animation

Other than Gif, an MOV or Flash video format of this animation can also be acquired for use in presentations and video projects. All customization options for this animation can be found at the download link given below.

Go to Presenter Media – Earth Rotating Animated Clipart

Animation of rotating earth