There are not many PowerPoint templates that provide gothic or dark presentation themes. Animated Dark Branding PowerPoint Template is an exception. This template gives slides with an eerie feel. The template is perfect for making PowerPoint storyboards for sinister stories, Halloween presentations and even something a bit closer to reality such as COVID-19.

Animated dark branding PowerPoint template

Dark Branding

The template can also be great for branding your product or service using a dark theme. This might include products and services related to Halloween, mystery books, medical services, etc. Basically, the template is generic, with a number of sample slides that can be used according to the individual needs of the presenter. How you use this template will depend entirely up to you. Be it a presentation for school or Halloween or perhaps a slide deck about your catering service with a spooky touch, the template can cover all that and more.


Dark branding for your business

You can also adapt the template for topics such as medical services, COVID-19 and the challenges posed by the pandemic, horror and mystery themed products and services, etc. Furthermore, you can also use the template for making animated slideshows related to your products and services, since this is an animated PowerPoint template.

Dark slide design for branding

You can preview the animations from the product page or slideshow of the template to see how each part of the sample content is linked to animations. You can then replace the sample images and text to make use of the animations according to need.


Gothic template for presentations

Customize Dark Themes to Match Your Topic

The template contains 8 customizable sample slides. You can also duplicate and edit slides to create something entirely unique and expand upon the sample content. A lot of the slides come with blood themed designs. These can be used for anything from advertisements and slideshows for products and services for horror and mystery fans to discussing medical and healthcare related services.

Mysterious slide designs

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