Monsters can be cute, cuddly and perfect for making your presentations more interesting! Character Expression is the name of a template that comes with cuddly monsters represented in different moods. This animated cute monsters PowerPoint template is just what you need to add a touch of humor to your presentations by using the given animated characters to present your ideas in a creative manner.

3D Illustrations with Cute Characters

The 3D illustrations of cute characters in this template can be used for presenting different concepts in a unique way. The slides provide the sample characters in different settings in animated form. You can add text and images to these sample slides and move around the characters via drag and drop to create your own layouts.


Make PowerPoint Presentations Like a Storyboard

You can also copy around the 3D characters to create your own animated scenes. These scenes can be presented in the form of animated slides to create presentations like a storyboard.

Present Slides with a Unique Perspective

The template provides some very unique ways of highlighting your key content. There is a sequence where a door opens, revealing a character behind the door.


You can replace the character with another image of your choosing to reflect upon key aspects of your presentation. You can find out more about these editing options from the tooltips given within the template. These tooltips offer tips to help you customize the sample content within slides.

Needless to say, you can also recolor and resize the objects within slides, move them around, or copy them to create new slide layouts. This animated slide deck is one of many templates with animated characters at Presenter Media.

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