Want to conduct a Q&A session in style? Use a crystal ball! Animated Crystal ball Reveal PowerPoint Template is a unique presentation template with slides that allow you to reveal answers in a crystal ball upon mouse click.

Reveal Important Information with Crystal Ball Animation

The customizable animated crystal ball slides have been designed in such a way that you can add questions and present answers using a crystal ball.


Crystal ball reveal PowerPoint template

The template provides a variety of crystal ball colors and designs, with the utility to customize slide objects according to need. The sample slides also provide basic instructions to help customize the slides. You can use this template for Q&A sessions, to conduct a quiz in a class, to present quarterly business information, etc.

Q and A slide

Basically, anything the template provides a mechanism for adding questions which are revealed first, followed by an answer when you click the mouse. This provides the utility to easily mould the template according to need, and to use it to cover any presentation topic.


Crystal ball slide design

Add Logo to Your Slides

Some slides also provide placeholders for inserting a logo directly into the crystal ball. You can also add your logo in the answer section. This can for instance be useful when you might be conducting a question and answer session to promote a brand or company at an event or when you would simply like to include a company or product logo to your slides.

Red crystal ball

The objects in each slide are customizable and movable. You can customize the colors using PowerPoint formatting options, for which basic instructions are included in the template. This animated PowerPoint Template can be downloaded for both Mac and Windows versions of Microsoft PowerPoint.


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Customize  crystal ball template

Crystal Ball Presentation Clipart

If you need a simple crystal ball clipart, you can download this presentation clipart in white or transparent background in custom resolution. The supported image formats for this presentation clipart include PNG and JPG.

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Crystal ball presentation clipart