In the wake of the global pandemic taking root across the world, people have been forced to self-isolate, work from home or limit their daily activities. There is a dire need to raise awareness and spread the message for prevention from COVID-19 aka Coronavirus. The Animated Coronavirus Prevention PowerPoint Template can be an asset for presenters looking to address this unfortunate situation by providing information about preventive measures and making detailed maps to identify the spread of the virus through PowerPoint slides.

Animated Coronavirus PowerPoint Template

The template starts with a basic design with an emoji wearing a face mask. This is followed by a virus icon which is crossed out. This slide can be used for supporting your opening slide with additional information.


animated coronavirus powerpoint template

Create Slides About Coronavirus Prevention

What follows are slides with icons that can be used for raising awareness regarding the topic by presenting preventive measures to protect people from the Novel Coronavirus. There is sample text which can be replaced to help you create meaningful slides about the subject and the role of healthcare professionals. You can also move around slide objects to customize the content of the sample slides.

coronavirus prevention clipart

Some of the slides with preventive measures show some sample text and icons about washing hands, using masks, social distance and cleaning to disinfect surfaces.


virus prevention

Create Charts and Maps to Show the Spread of the Virus

There are sample charts that can be edited to show relevant stats about the spread of the pandemic. You can create charts to show regional, national or international statistics related to the spread of the virus.

coronavirus chart


There is also a map of the United States, as well as a world map, with GPS markers that can be copied and placed across the maps for demonstrating the spread of the virus. You can also color code certain parts of the maps for this purpose.

coronavirus map

To download this Coronavirus Prevention PowerPoint Template and other related clipart, visit the link below.

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