The year 2020 will undoubtedly be remembered as the year of the Novel Coronavirus. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic has reared its head, everyone has been affected in some way. Be it due to the slowdown in global economy or because of the way people have suffered due to the spread of the pandemic. It is necessary to emphasize the need for precautionary measures to help us live with the virus until it is defeated. Animated Coronavirus Infographic PowerPoint Template can help you discuss the Novel Coronavirus, with editable infographic layouts.

coronavirus powerpoint template

Create Coronavirus Infographics

You can use the readymade Coronavirus infographics in this template by adding your own text to describe the slides. By simply adding a title and description, you can use the slides for discussing anything from the effect the virus has had on healthcare facilities and economies, to precautionary measures, such as social distancing, wearing a mask and sneezing guidelines.


coronavirus infographic

Animated Slides and Coronavirus Clipart

The opening slide shows the virus itself, followed by slides about symptoms, transmission, treatment and precautionary measures. The slides load with animations, which gives them more visual appeal. You can also change the color of clipart and infographic elements using formatting tools like Shape Format and Picture Format.

coronavirus pandemic

There is also a map for depicting the infection rate or discussing the spread of the virus on a global scale. There is a lot of scope to customizes slides according to precise requirements of the presenter, by simply using relevant text, adding images or recoloring slide objects to suit your branding requirements.


infographic for covid 19

Virus Comparison and Clipart

There are also slides for creating comparisons or customizing slides with custom clipart. The image below shows the virus comparison slide.

virus comparison chart

The clipart slide gives useful, Coronavirus related icons which can be copied for use in the virus themed slides. There is even a bat clipart, as bats were deemed as the carriers of the disease in initial assessment for the cause of the virus.

covid 19 clipart

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