Animated Comparative Advantage Toolkit for PowerPoint is meant for making comparison slides using layouts that can be edited to create diagrams, infographics and easy to explain slides with relevant icons. The template contains a toolkit with editable layouts, an icons set and instructions to help edit the slides. This is an animated slide deck which comes with pre-defined animated sequences and placeholders for adding text.

Variety of Slide Layouts for Making Comparisons

The template contains 11 slides with different layouts and an icon slide. You can copy the icons and use them to customize, edit and create new slides according to need. The slide layouts come with editable objects, which makes making the most elaborate changes easy enough for end users by using drag and drop functionality.


Animated Comparative Advantage Toolkit for PowerPoint

Theory of Comparative Advantage

Not only is the template useful for making comparisons but also to discuss theories like the Theory of Comparative Advantage. The economic theory emphasizes the advantage of one country in efficiently producing a good over another and how that can lead to less consumption and more production of the good that can be exported. The slides in this template can serve as a good option for elaborating upon the theory and its application.

Comparison Slide with Two Sections

Comparison Tables and Charts

You can also make comparisons using charts by adding relevant information and editing the given sample charts in PowerPoint. There are also tables, checkboxes and other types of content that can help you create visualizations that can be helpful in explaining comparisons with ease. Using the comparison layouts in sample slides, you can easily explain complex comparisons by displaying them side by side.


Chart Comparison Slide

Create Service and Product Comparisons

You can also use this template to compare price of products, to create product comparisons, for comparing services and quality of service, etc. Some samples slides in this template have been made to provide product and price comparisons which can be quite handy.

Price Comparison Slide

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