Coffee shops are a welcome relief from a daily hectic schedule, providing people the time to relax, unwind and get their caffeine fix. The Animated Coffee Shop Template for PowerPoint perfectly captures this feeling with the help of HD PowerPoint backgrounds and clipart.

Rustic Design Coffee Shop PowerPoint Template

The PowerPoint backgrounds depict a rustic coffee shop, which is often found in remote areas. The background looks like a wooden table, with different objects placed on it. To give the slides a more realistic look, the sample clipart has been strategically placed on the wooden table background.



Replaceable Sample Clipart

The clipart in this template is replaceable and you can easily add or remove objects, as well as copy them for use across your slides. The clipart has been used in the sample slides in such a way that they give the illusion of objects placed on a table, such as a coffee mug, pen, notebook, laptop, etc.


Add Pictures to Placeholders

There are tooltips to help you create slides with ease. For example, you can place a picture within the photo and tablet images to create some amazing slides, with a realistic outlook. Similarly, you can also choose to recolor slide objects, as well as add your own charts, tables and diagrams within the given placeholders. Alternatively, you can also redesign the slides as the entire template is editable.



Sample Coffee Shop Clipart

You can make good use of the two clipart slides, which give a number of handy clipart images of objects you are likely to see at a coffee shop table, such as; a laptop, tablet, smartphone, wallet, coffee mug, notebook, pen, eyeglasses and the like.


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