Stairs are used in slide illustrations to depict ideas and processes that might lead to a positive outcome. To depict a process, create an infographic or design a slide where you might want to discuss an upward trend, you can use the Animated Climbing Stairs PowerPoint Template.

Animated Climbing Stairs PowerPoint Template

Animated Stair Illustrations

This PowerPoint template provides animated stair illustrations, with stick figures climbing the stairs. You can customize the slides by adding text to describe the sample slides. These sample slides are completely editable and you can also add a touch of your own creativity by changing the default color and layout of the sample slides.


Climbing Stairs Template for PowerPoint

Load Slide Animations Upon Mouse-Click

The animations in the sample slides have been added to the content in such a way that each part of the slide is loaded upon mouse-click. You can therefore add content to your slides in a manner which allows you to gradually reveal your content. This can help you better explain your slides and reveal your content in chunks to make it easier for your audience to grasp it.

Stairs Infographic

Make Your Content Stand Out

Using the sample slides you can create processes, comparisons, infographics and various other types of slides. This can help add diversity to your content and enable you to make slides that are easier to explain before an audience.


Stairs Illustration

You can also make charts by editing the chart slide to create colorful bar charts. The charts in this slide are however not editable via Chart Tools. Therefore, you will have to manually add your statistics. To edit the bars, simply click the bar shape and drag it to change the level depicted in the chart. Using these editable objects, you can design various types of colorful chart slides. To create additional chart slides, simply duplicate the one given in the template.

Stairs Chart

This stairs PowerPoint template works with both PC and Mac. There are variants of this template available for PowerPoint and Keynote.

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