The Five Piece Interactive Chevron Toolkit is an awesome template for making circular diagrams for your PowerPoint presentations. This PowerPoint diagram template comes with editable circular diagrams which are shaped like chevron arrows with comprehensive editing options that can help you change the color and size of your circular diagrams according to need.

Animated 3D Circular Diagram Template With Stick Figures

The animated 3D circular diagrams in this template come with stick figures and textboxes to help you easily get started with your models. Making professional circular diagrams with this template is as easy as it gets, as all you have to do is to add text to the sample slides. In case you wish to perform elaborate changes, that too can be done by changing the look of slide elements using different colors, shapes and sizes.


chevron diagram template

Add Humor to Boring Slides With Stick Figures

The stick figures add novelty and finis to your models, allowing to incorporate humor to your slides by making your circular diagrams more than just technical models.

create 3d chevron arrow diagrams

Create Standalone Diagrams and Explain Each Part of Your Circular Diagram Separately

With the aid of the samples given in this presentation template you can create standalone circular diagrams, as well as explain each part of your diagram in detail using different slides. There is a sequence of slides which highlights one portion of the circular model in each slide (one after the other) that can help you create such slides with ease.


highlight your circular diagrams slide by slide

Editing Instructions for Customizing Circular Diagrams

The editing instructions in this template provide insight into customizing the sample diagrams. This can help you add your own touch of creativity to each slide and also help you cater for specific presentation needs, such as matching the color of your diagram with your company’s logo.

circular diagram editing instructions

This PowerPoint Template is available for new and older versions of PowerPoint, which includes PowerPoint 2003-2013 for Windows and PowerPoint 2008-2011 for Mac.

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