Presents, a Christmas tree, lights and some ornaments hanging on a Christmas tree are all you need to get you in the festive mood. The Animated Christmas Reds PowerPoint Template brings all that and more to make your presentations ready for the Holiday Season.

Christmas Pictures, Infographics and Diagrams

The template comes with a mix of text, images and diagrams. You can add relevant text to one side of the slides, whereas most the slides provide a picture on half the slides. However, you can select and resize the placeholders and images to adjust the default layouts according to need. The title slide depicts gifts wrapped and placed below a Christmas tree with a default title saying “Happy Holidays”.


Animated Christmas Reds PowerPoint Template

The infographic slides in this template can be used to present information using icons, text and shapes. You can also use these slides to depict your subheadings or to highlight the key aspects of your presentation. Similarly, you can create lists, diagrams, add charts and tables, as well as create picture slides using the sample slide layouts in this template.

Infographic Slides

Tweak Slide Layouts According to Need

There are also slides which can be used to discuss your organization’s history or to create timelines. Many of the slides are quite flexible and you can tweak them to create virtually any type of slide. The layouts come with vibrant colors, mostly with shades of red, white and grey.


Tweak Slide Layouts

With the 11 sample slides in this template you can create any type of presentation for the Holiday Season. You can not only cover business oriented topics but even create slides for school, freelance projects, or cover other diverse topics by adding images, charts and diagrams that go with your presentation topic.

Christmas Timeline Slide

Since this is a premium template, you also get the utility to customize the slides by editing the slide elements given in the sample slides.

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