Timelines, especially animated ones can be a great way of showcasing the necessary information in a format where the timeline loads systematically. Instead of immediately showing a single image that the audience has to make sense of, you can gradually load your timeline using animations. To make your job easy, you can use the Animated Chevron Timeline for PowerPoint.

animated chevron timeline for powerpoint

Timelines with Animations

This is an animated chevron themed timeline template. You can design animated timelines by simply populating the sample slides. Since animations are already adjusted for sample slides, your added timeline content will allow you to instantly generate animated timelines without having to manually configure animations in PowerPoint. In other words, simply add text to placeholders and you’re good to go.


chevron timeline for powerpoint

Create Timelines, Charts and Project Snapshots

There are also instructions within the timeline slides to allow you to design content. You can make timelines using one or more design, as well as incorporate charts, create picture slides or reorder sample content to create a layout most suited to your presentation needs.

chevron design chart for powerpoint

You can provide a snapshot of your project by using the sample slides in this template as a guide for making your presentations. You can also mix up the sample slides with your own slides, clipart, tables, SmartArt and photos to create slides which stand out. The theme gives chevron illustrations and clipart which can help add some visual appeal to your timelines. The mix of grey, blue and white in flat design graphics makes the template eye-catching and content friendly.


chevron design timeline for powerpoint

You might also be interested in other animated timeline templates for PowerPoint which we have reviewed in other posts. To download this premium presentation template, along with thousands of animated PowerPoint and Keynote templates, head over to PresenterMedia.

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