Dark Meeting is an animated business meeting template for Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote. It comes with the animation of a meeting room amidst dark, stormy clouds. This template can be helpful in making presentations about business or product failure, important business aspects, market competition and the like.

Display Your Company Logo and Text With Pre-Rendered Animations

The opening slide shows a conference room animation with a storm on the horizon. This slide like other sample slides in this template comes with placeholders for adding an image (logo) and text. You can also add additional textboxes and images using options from the PowerPoint Ribbon menu.


business video background

Highly Customizable Animated Slides

Not only does this template offer animated slides but the given sample slides are extremely customizable as you can add your own text and images to create presentation slides to suit your topic, along with perhaps your company’s logo and relevant images. The animations in this template easily mould with any added content and play out with the added text and images.

customizable animated slides

The Dark Meeting template offers a variety of slide designs including sample slides with editable charts, picture layouts and clipart.


dark meeting business chart

There is even a standalone clipart page to help you copy or move clipart images across different slides, including the ones you edit and the ones you might create from scratch. As mentioned earlier, this template is compatible with both PowerPoint and Keynote and works with the following:

  • PowerPoint for PC
  • PowerPoint for Mac
  • Keynote (Mac and iPad)

Go to Presenter Media – Dark Meeting PowerPoint Template

business meeting images and clipart

Business Conference Clipart

This clipart shows a group of people around a table with one stick figure colored in red. This clipart can be used for a variety of business topics such as for presentations about business plans, leadership, partnership, employee motivation, etc. This static clipart can be downloaded in PNG or JPG format, in different resolutions. You can also use the customization options at the Presenter Media website to change the TINT, Brightness, Reflection, Saturation and Shadow of this clipart before downloading it.

Go to Presenter Media – Business Conference Clipart

Business Conference Clipart