Remember the good old days when people played board games instead of Candy Crush? One of the best things about board games is that they make you think to form strategies and reinvigorate your mind. If you would like to incorporate a board game style layout for your PowerPoint presentation slides, then the Animated Board Game Display Template for PowerPoint is just what you need.

Board Game Themed Presentation Slides

This is a customizable PowerPoint Template, which comes laden with animations, clipart and various editable board game themed slides.


animated board game template for powerpoint

This board game template is like a PowerPoint toolkit that provides required tools to create slides to depict different types of board games. You can also mix and mash your own images with the given sample slides to create board game layouts which may suit your needs.

board game clipart

Create Presentations and Infographics for a Diverse Range of Topics

In case you are wondering what topics might be suitable for this template, you can use it for any presentation topic where the board game themed slides might appear relevant, which is not only limited to presentations about games or board games, as this template can even be used to create intriguing presentations about business strategy, competition, competitors, etc. You can even use this template for making board game themed infographics and infographic slides.

board game template for powerpoint presentations


Add Some Style to Your Presentations

A good example of the diversity this generic board game template offers to presenters can be seen from the below screenshot. As you can see, this sample slide can be used for a variety of presentation topics, as well as add some style and elegance to your slides. This sample slide can for example act as a good introductory slide where you can warm up the audience before moving to the core presentation topic.

stylish introductory slide template for powerpoint

The Animated Board Game Display Template for PowerPoint works with:

  • PowerPoint 2007-2013 (Windows)
  • PowerPoint 2008-2011 (Mac)

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