The modern design requirements include less to be more. This means using minimalist designs with emphasis on fewer colors. Simple layers is the name of a template which provides minimalist slides with animations and blue layers. This Animated Blue Layers PowerPoint Template can be a good generic template for making various types of presentations. Being a general-purpose template, this slide deck can be particularly handy for quickly crafting professional presentation slides. The added advantage of having readymade animated slides can also be a plus.

Animated Blue Layers PowerPoint Template


Introduce Your Topic, Company and Team

The template contains editable slides that you can use for introducing your presentation topic, company and team. You can also add your logo at the given space. In case you don’t need a slide element, you can replace or remove it. The template is editable down to basic objects within sample slides.

Slide for Your Services

Discuss Financial Forecasts and Outlook

The template provides various sample slides with content that can be used for discussing fiscal policies, financial forecasts, budgetary and cash flow issues, etc. You can customize the generic finance themed slides to discuss all that and more. Moreover, there are also slides for creating your own diagrams, infographics, and even text-heavy slides. You can preview all slides from the product page before downloading the template.

Financial Slides


The icons set at the very end of the slide deck gives a few handy icons for you to use in your slides. You can also copy other clipart items from across the template to replicate and use them as per need. As the tooltip in the icons slide mentions; you can also change the color of the icons to match your branding needs. You can do this within PowerPoint by selecting the icon and going to Picture Format -> Color.

Layer Icons

To download this and thousands of animated templates, visit the PresenterMedia link below.

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