Basketball Court is an animated template for Keynote and PowerPoint with the animation of basketballs bouncing off a basketball court. You can customize the animated slides in this template and add your own text and images to create basketball or sports related presentations.

Create Presentations About Basketball and Sports

Other than basketball animations, this template comes with clipart, graphs, SmartArt Graphics and a range of useful slide layouts that can help you create presentations about basketball, sports, game plans and strategies, coaching, statistics for your team or teams from a specific division, educational presentations about the rules of basketball and more.


basketball court powerpoint template

Move, Resize or Delete Basketballs

The customization options in this animated template are so elaborate that you can even move, resize and remove elements like basketballs from the sample slides. This widens the scope for making presentations with attractive slide designs that can help you present your topic with elegance and style.

basketball court template

Create Presentations With Statistical Information and Graphs

Using the editable graphs and clipart, you can create slides with statistical information to display anything from a points table to a comparison chart, graphs for the performance of a team, etc.


bar charts for basketball stats

The clipart images in the sample slides provide basketballs, stick figures, trophies, etc. You can use these clipart images to create custom slides to make attractive presentations. For example, when teaching the rules of basketball to an audience, it is much better to use attention grabbing imagery than lengthy and boring text slides. The clipart and animations in this template can help you fashion slides that have the right balance of eye-candy and text, to help you create professional looking presentations that can convey your message effectively to an audience.

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basketball clipart images

The Basketball Court Template is available for:

  • PowerPoint for PC and Mac
  • Keynote for iPad and Mac

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