Applause is something that every presenter looks for. However, sometimes one may require depicting applause in a presentation. This may include a presentation about impressing the audience, cheerleaders, getting approval from potential customers during a marketing demo and training presentations for mascots. Below are some resources that you can use for making slides related to the aforementioned topics.

Applause PowerPoint Template

Applause PowerPoint Template is an Animated PowerPoint Template that provides sample slides with stick figure animations. These sample slides provide different layouts for making presentations about cheerleading, mascots, appreciation and applause. You can use these sample slides for a diverse range of presentations and craft slides according to your topic.


Applause PowerPoint Template

The sample slides are highly customizable and you can even change the look of the individual objects using PowerPoint Ribbon Menu tools, (e.g. Picture Tools and Drawing Tools).

Edit Applause PowerPoint Template

The template contains different types of layouts to help you quickly create slides by simply adding your own text, images and clipart. You can also make use of the existing objects and edit them in a comprehensive way.


Applause Template For PowerPoint

You can download the Applause PowerPoint Template by Presenter Media from the link given below.

Go to Presenter Media – Applause PowerPoint Template

Jump Around And Celebrate Animated Clipart

This is an animated clipart which shows stick figures jumping in the air and celebrating. You can download this animated clipart as an MOV or SWF video file or as a GIF image. The GIF version is available in different sizes.


Jump Around And Celebrate Clipart

Additionally, you can also customize the animation before downloading it in a preferred format, i.e. as a GIF, MOV or SWF (Flash File).

Edit Jump Around And Celebrate Animation

The video version of this animation can be played in a supported player, used with a video editing tool and even added to presentation applications.

Jump Around And Celebrate Video Animation

To customize and download this and other animations and PowerPoint Templates, visit the Presenter Media website. You will require a Presenter Media subscription to download animated templates, clipart and video backgrounds.

Go to Presenter Media – Jump Around And Celebrate Animated Clipart