Calendar templates for presentations can be helpful at the start of the year to present a schedule of tasks, projects and initiatives to be taken by an organization. Animated 2020 Calendar PowerPoint Template gives an interactive calendar to help presenters present important highlights for each month, with the utility to switch to any month in a click.

Title Slide with a Clickable Menu

The title slide has a clickable menu, where you can click any month to quickly switch to that month to discuss activities and view the whole calendar for that month of year 2020.


Animated 2020 Calendar PowerPoint Template

Switch Between Months in a Click

This animated template has 12 slides, one for each month with an interactive menu on the top left corner. Using this menu, you can switch to any month in a click. This can help you jump between months without scrolling through your slides and also save you time. Moreover, switching this way can be easier for a presenter, rather than moving forward or backward to reach a specific slide. You can also add text and images to each section of the calendar slide. Some sample content has already been provided for these slides that you can customize or replace while editing your slides.

2020 Calendar

Options to View Detailed Activities for any Month

There is also an ‘update’ option in each slide, linked to a slide dedicated for that month. Other than 12 slides with a calendar for each month, there are 12 additional slides, one for explaining each month’s activities in detail and to build upon the sample content.


2020 Template

While editing the slides in this template is quite easy, however, you can also view the instructions given in this template to get ideas regarding how to customize your interactive slides.

Editing Instructions for 2020 Calendar PowerPoint Template

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