Stuck with a complication and it looks hard to solve it? Whether it is about improving a certain product or a new innovation, this is when a creative conceptualized technique, Scamper can help.

This problem solving tool makes use of an organized set of queries, which you can apply to your problem in order to get new ideas. This will help you in formulating a clear picture in your mind about the probortunity, you are facing.

A seven step question answer procedure is followed:



Here you need to think what alternatives you can have to replace your product or your process. Try to find out different ways that can fit suitably with your current problem and what outcomes they are likely to deliver.


Follow a novel approach and mix two or more dissimilar parts of your problem together and imagine whether this mixture can help you to achieve the desired goal or not. Looking for additional ideas to combine with this mash that can maximize your profit would be an added advantage.


Think about choosing a different path for reaching the outcome. This could be the adaptation of a new or a different function which may solve your problem. Ask yourself, how you can change the nature of overall process?


Alter the existing process by changing its attributes such as shape, color, structure etc. keeping in mind the way to add more value. With this, there is another probability to find something newer and better.


Put to other uses

Here you can envisage about applying your present mechanism for other purposes. You can try to fit your process into various situations and find out where it offers benefits.


Try to reduce some part of your operation, make it concentrated or compact and then see what happens. This could lead your way to a simpler approach then you actually thought of.


Changing the order of functionality by arranging things in a random order or upside down. Trying out the exact opposite of what you originally planned can give you new views. Swapping various elements can give more fast and effective arrangement.

It is clear that this technique fills-up your mind with fresh ideas and alternatives that can be a lot beneficial in improving your approach to follow and reaction towards  different situations.