Whether the problem is big or small, being a business owner you must know the various techniques to solve a problem because people see you at a place where you can deal with any kind of problem. At times even the most skilled leader fails to deal with all kinds of problems but there is no word ‘Failure’ when you know you are in a leadership position.

Every individual will come to you with their problem so you are the one who has to deal with their every problem and offer them a solution by using problem solving model. It is always believed that a supervisor or manager or business owner who has the ability to solve problems whether small or big can be the best person to understand the customer’s needs and can provide effective quality solutions.


Nine Step Problem Solving Model SmartArt

You can develop numerous alternatives and also can help the organization increase productivity and generate profits by using the following 9 step problem solving model:

1. Know The Problem

It is a must to recognize and understand the problem properly. Many individuals take decisions imminently, they don’t even think about later issues. Therefore, sometimes because of jumping into the situation without even understanding its cause can be a big problem. So it is vital to define the situation or problem first.

2. Consider Various Opinions, Facts And Opportunities

People often forget to simply relate the situation with the facts of life. If you see them closely then you will surely realize that those are not problems but some of the facts of life. Also you can ask people who are directly or indirectly involved with the problem and take the best possible opportunity to solve the problem effectively.


3. See Every Situation From A Different Angle

You must have the problem solving ability to see every issue from a different angle for the best solution. It might be possible that the way you are looking at the situation is totally different because every issue can be seen differently. It solely depends upon your way of seeing the problem and a solution for that.

4. Find The Basic or The Root Cause of The Problem

Ask yourself what could be the cause of the problem and then start finding out the solution simultaneously. It is imperative to find the symptom about any issue and offer a good solution.

5.  Keep Alternative Solutions

Keeping alternative solutions closely can be a smart move of a problem solver. Because if you carry out various solutions for a common problem then it will surely give you ease to choose the right one. It will automatically increase your problem solving ability and will make you stand with confidence in front of your team as a whole.

6. Keep The Best Solution at The Top of Your List

Now, when you are finding different solutions for the problems you must know that keeping the most effective solution at the top can definitely be a smart decision. Make a proper list that starts with the best solutions.

7. Now It’s Time To Take A Proper And Correct Decision

Choose the best solution and cross- check it thrice if that fulfills the need of the problem. It is always said that it is always beneficial to take important decision by taking time. So take the maximum time but of course considering deadlines as well.

8. Assign Responsibility

When you are ready with the solution, now what all is important to assign the responsibility to a right person who can wisely carry out the final solution for effectively dealing with the present issue. So when it comes to choosing the best person, you must use your skills.

9. Set A Specific Scale For Evaluating Results

Last but not the least when you have assigned the specific responsibility to the person with the solution then how will you get to know that was the solution effective or not, therefore you must set a standard that shows the effectiveness of your solution. Because solving a problem is a complex process so you must know how to deal with it and what were the drawbacks so that next time when you take some major steps to solve a problem, you would know where you got success or else failure.

A leader is best known for his problem solving technique. In PowerPoint you can draw this complete 9 step problem solving model by making use of SmartArt shades and graphics (as shown above).