In a recent post, we covered the 2021 Calendar PowerPoint Template to help our readers create presentations and schedules for year 2021 in PowerPoint. This time we have a number of handy 2021 clipart for PowerPoint that can help you create vibrant presentations for the new year.

Figures Holding the Year 2021

If you want a 2021 clipart image with some holiday season vibes, you can use this clipart. The clipart depicts stick figures holding the year 2021. The overall theme of the clipart is festive and celebratory.


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figures Holding the year 2021 clipart

Colored 2021 Clipart for PowerPoint

This is a simple 2021 clipart image for PowerPoint which can also be rendered with a few adjustments or change of year before downloading it as a PNG or JPG file. The developer’s product page even allows you to change the color of the year.

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2021 clipart for PowerPoint

2021 Crushes 2020 Clipart

this clipart shows the year 2021 crushing 2020 to take over. The static clipart can be customized before download from the product page. Like the clipart above, you can adjust the shadow, reflection, brightness and resolution of the clipart. The background options include white and transparent.

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2021 crushes 2020 clipart


2021 New Year’s Clock Clipart

This clipart depicts a clock spelling the year 2021. The clipart comes in the form of an elegant golden clock. You can customize the clock color and other effects before downloading the clipart.

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Elegant 2021 clock clipart

2021 Growth Animated Clipart

many corporate presentations in the new year are all about forecasts, trends and growth prospects. This clipart captures all that in the form of a simple animation. The clipart depicts an arrow moving upwards on top of 2021, signifying growth. You can also change the year by adding the last two digits (e.g. 22 for 2022) to change the clipart year before downloading the image.

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2021 growth clipart


Rotating 2021 Animated Clipart

This is an animation of the year 2021 rotating in a loop. The clipart comes by default in golden color with scope for customization. You can see the customization options for downloading the clipart from the link below.

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Rotating 2021 animated clipart

You can download more 2021 clipart and animations from the PresenterMedia website from the link below.