When it comes to viable PowerPoint alternatives, Prezi is one of the front contenders. With a splendid zooming UI with customization possibilities that are hard to find elsewhere, Prezi is a platform that can easily blow away any audience. While many Prezi users make use of various default templates and even reuse other presentations for making a quick Preiz, we have created a list of some unique looking templates with awesome features that can help your Prezi presentations amaze your audience. In other words, here is a list of the 10 Best Prezi Templates for Killer Presentations.

Best Prezi templates for killer presentations

1. Open Book Prezi Template

This innovative Prezi template comes with a unique take for making your Prezis. The templates depicts a book which opens up to reveal frames (slides) within alphabets. As you proceed with your Prezi presentation the alphabets slide in view and within the alphabet like frames your content is revealed.

  Open book Prezi template

While you can use this template for any type of topic, it is ideal for educational presentations like class lectures, presentations by students and topics related to literature, arts, language studies, etc.


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2. 3D Puzzle Effect Prezi Template

This is perhaps the most unique kind of Prezi template you can find. Not only does it come with an interesting 3D jigsaw puzzle layout but you can also add your own image to the puzzle pieces.

This is the type of template which can help you add your own branding, company logo or an image central to the presentation topic to highlight your presentation’s main theme, with the aid of a relevant image.

3D puzzle effect Prezi template

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3. Future Thoughts Futuristic Prezi Template

With a beautiful black background with a mix of shiny white frames, this is one template that is easy on the eyes despite its dark colors. Whether you’re making a business presentation, want to present your ideas before an audience or are making a persuasive presentation, this template can help you out in making a killer presentation.

Ideally, this template can be used for topics related to technology, Internet, futuristic ideas, web development, social media,

Future thoughts template for Prezi

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4. Interactive Media Template for Prezi

This is another elegant theme with a glass like layout imitating a typical smartphone UI with what appears to be a transparent touchscreen. The blue background mixed with the glass like frames makes the template visually pleasing and gives the presenter a lot of scope for making a really good looking presentation.


This is a media themed template and is suitable for presentations about print, electronic or social media. Its layout can also be suitably used for technology driven topics about smartphones, computers, mobile operating systems and the like.

Interactive media template for Prezi

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5. Story of Time Timeline Prezi Template

While this might seem like an ordinary template at a glance but it’s far from it. This timeline template has a filmstrip like design which reveals content in the form of film like frames. As the names suggests, you can present your Prezis like a storyboard using this template.

This is a general-purpose template but you can use it particularly for topics tied to travel and tourism, family presentations with memorable images, presentations about corporate trips and professional photography. This template can also be handy for producers and production companies for making presentations for clients.

Story of time Prezi template

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6. Global Lines Template for Prezi

Few templates with grey layouts are as attractive as the Global Lines Template for Prezi tends to be. With a beautiful globe surrounded with an orbit, you get a UI which reveals each part of your presentation in a circular layout which appears like an orbit. The default frames provide sample content indicating that you can begin your presentation with an introduction, overview, your data and so on.


This is a business template and is most suitable for making business presentations, as well as other types of professional Prezis related to topics about sales, finance, marketing and the like.

Global lines template for Prezi

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7. Solve The Puzzle Prezi Template

This is quite a unique template which is as novel as jigsaw puzzles. This puzzle layout brings different jigsaw puzzle like layouts which can help you explain complex topics, project roadmaps, project proposals or simply use your creativity to make a unique deck of slides to impress your audience.

Solve the Puzzle prezi template

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8. Consider an Idea Infographic Prezi Template

Infographics are easier to talk about than to make. Incorporating content in an infographic layout isn’t the easiest thing to do. There are a number of handy Infographic PowerPoint Templates that let you make infographics with ease, however, there are arguably fewer templates for Prezi. Consider an Idea is an infographic template for Prezi which gives a dead simple method for making a good looking infographic presentation.

The layout of this template depicts a light bulb surrounded by frames on both sides. These frames act as placeholders for you to add your content to generate an infographic. All you have to do is to populate your data on both sides of the light bulb and you will have a professional looking infographic presentation in no time. If you are looking for a template that can help you make killer presentations, then this is one you should definitely give a shot.

Consider an idea Prezi template

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9. Global Village Template for Prezi

A globe in half carrying a village. This is the basic layout of this template. This is another template which can be used for making infographics in Prezi. However, you can also use it for making any other type of presentation. The globe and village illustration is surrounded by frames on both sides which enable presenters to create a comprehensive presentation with a good looking layout that can be particularly useful for topics about world affairs, such as global trade, globalization, World Trade organization (WTO), United Nations (UN), climate change, global warming, sustainable development initiatives, etc.

Global village template for Prezi

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10. Roses Prezi Template

I find it quite strange that not many Prezi templates are designed for special occasions and yearly events. This template however is an exception. With a cheerful layout depicting beautiful roses, you can use this template in a number of ways; such as for making presentations about family, friends, New Year, Christmas, as well as to showcase photographs from weddings, corporate events and to create photography portfolios.

The basic design of the template is meant to wish someone on a special occasion. However, you can customize the sample content to make the template suitable for virtually any major event.

Red roses Prezi template

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Final thoughts

In conclusion, Prezi offers a diverse and innovative range of templates that challenge traditional PowerPoint presentations. With its unique zooming UI and customization capabilities, Prezi has positioned itself as a leading alternative to PowerPoint. The ten slide templates highlighted in the article showcase the platform’s versatility, catering to a variety of topics from business and education to media and special occasions.