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Free recession PowerPoint Templates

Decline Curve for PowerPoint

Free Decline Curve for PowerPoint is a presentation template that you can download with a simple decline curve style. Inside this presentation template you can find useful slide designs with declining slope curves that you can use in presentations on recession, crisis as well as PowerPoint presentations where you need to show a curve in […]

Normal Yield Curve PowerPoint Template

Free Normal Yield Curve PowerPoint Template or yield curve is a line that plots the interest rates and you can use it in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. You can use this yield curve to plot the interest rates at a set point in time of bonds with equal credit quality but different maturity dates. There are different […]

Downward Sloping Curve Template for PowerPoint

Free Downward Sloping Curve Template for PowerPoint is a simple design for PowerPoint  presentations that you can download to model a demand curve or yield curve with a downward slopping. Inside this free curve template for PowerPoint you can find two slide designs. The first one includes a nice downward sloping curve design with 5 […]

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