Free Needle PowerPoint Templates

Download free gauges and slide designs with editable needle that you can adjust for dashboards in PowerPoint.

Dial Thermometer Shapes for PowerPoint

Free Dial Thermometer Shapes for PowerPoint is a free PowerPoint template that you can download to copy and paste gauges into your presentations. You can edit the thermometer needle to match any desired value. Dial thermometer can be used to show a visualization of a value range in a PowerPoint presentation. Inside this presentation template […]

Wrist Clock Shape for PowerPoint

Free Wrist Clock Shape for PowerPoint is a PowerPoint presentation template with a simple but useful wrist clock shape for presentations. This free watch PowerPoint template was created with shapes and you can adjust the needle to display any desired time (hour and minutes). By copying and pasting the needle again you can represent a […]

Clock Shape for PowerPoint

Free clock PowerPoint template is a simple presentation design with a clock shape illustration for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013. You can download this free clock PowerPoint template with analog clock shape to prepare presentations on schedule, meetings as well as other presentations with sensitive time differences, including world time presentations or global presentations for […]