Free Mountain PowerPoint Templates

Plot Diagram PowerPoint Template

This is a free Plot template for PowerPoint is a diagram that can be used in presentations related to novel, fiction or drama. The plot is collectively known as what happens in a novel and contains five components known as the exposition phase, action rising phase, the climax, falling actions and finally the resolution or […]

Ice Breaker PowerPoint Template

Free Ice Breaker PowerPoint Template is a simple presentation template with icebergs and sea that you can download for free to make presentations on ice breakers for PowerPoint. Inside this presentation template you can find some useful layouts and shapes including broken ice and icebergs as well as travel routes and paths. You can use […]

Travel Route on a Map Template for PowerPoint

This free PowerPoint template with travel route on a map and mountain shapes can be used to create a travel route in PowerPoint and make presentations on achieving success.   The template contains three slide designs with different travel route styles. You can use the shapes in this presentation template free travel route template for […]