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Free Lean Startup PowerPoint Templates

Lean Startup is a methodology for creation and developing new products and businesses that is coined to Eric Ries and is based on Steve Blank’s work on Customer Development. Here you can find good and free PowerPoint templates for startups that want to use the Lean Startup methodology. You can download free PPT templates and slide designs with awesome Lean Startup diagrams and illustrations like the Lean Startup cycle or process with an awesome background or the Lean Canvas Model that was created by Ash Maurya and based on Business Model Generation work from Alex Osterwalder. Alternatively you can download other free business development PowerPoint templates.

Customer Development Process PowerPoint Template

Free Customer Development Process PowerPoint Template is a simple presentation design with an editable diagram of Customer Development Process by Steve Blank. It is based on the diagram introduced in The Startups Owner Manual and it can be very useful for presentations on academic research, MBA and thesis where you need to present a Business […]

Agile Methodology PowerPoint Template

Free Agile Methodology PowerPoint Template is a free presentation template including the agile loop diagram in PowerPoint. Inside this free PowerPoint template for agile development you can find two original diagrams with agile loop and cycle including the sprint iterations. You can download this free agile PowerPoint template to prepare presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 […]

The Startups Pyramid Diagram for PowerPoint

This simple The Startups Pyramid Diagram for PowerPoint is based on the work of Sean Ellis showing the process of growth in a startup. Inside this simple PowerPoint presentation template you can find a 3-segment pyramid and 5-segment pyramid representing the Startups Pyramid concept introduced by Sean Ellis for startup growth. The basic pyramid includes 3 […]

Blank Lean Canvas Template for PowerPoint

This is a free blank Lean Startup canvas that you can download for PowerPoint presentations. This blank template for PowerPoint is very useful if you are an entrepreneur starting a new venture or business and need an empty blank canvas template based on the Lean Startup Canvas. This free Lean Canvas template for Microsoft PowerPoint […]

Lean Startup Diagram for PowerPoint Presentations

Lean Startup Diagram for PowerPoint is a free PowerPoint template containing unique slide designs with the Lean Startup process illustrated in a cycle diagram for PowerPoint presentations. We have created this Lean Startup process diagram for PowerPoint presentations given that nowadays the Lean Startup methodology is being used around the world. Inside this free Lean […]

Lean Canvas PowerPoint Template

Lean Canvas Template for PowerPoint is a free lean PowerPoint presentation template that you can use for lean startup or lean manufacturing presentations. This free PowerPoint presentation slide can be used to empower your lean business presentations with a nice business canvas diagram for Startups. This template was inspired on Ash Maurya’s Lean Canvas that is based on […]

Kanban PowerPoint Template

Free Kanban PowerPoint Template is a free PPT template with Kanban diagram that you can download to make presentations using a Kanban slide. Free editable Kanban template can be used as a Kanban board in PowerPoint. You can easily edit and print the Kanban template into any big page or use it online to share […]

Six Sigma Diagram for PowerPoint Presentations

Free Six Sigma Diagram for PowerPoint presentations is a unique and awesome slide design with six sigma diagram that you can download to make presentations and decorate your slides. This free sigma diagram can be used for product development presentations as well as presentations on Quality and Total Quality Management (TQM). Six Sigma describes quantitatively how […]

Widescreen Entrepreneur PowerPoint Template (16:9)

Free Entrepreneur PowerPoint Template with green background is a free PPT presentation template that you can download to make awesome PowerPoint presentations on entrepreneurship and startups. You can use this free entrepreneurial PowerPoint template to make awesome presentations on entrepreneurship, startups and business creation process, but also useful for presentations on Lean Startup, Lean Analytics […]

Circular Growth PowerPoint Template

Free Business Circular Growth PowerPoint template is a 3D business diagram template that you can download for presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. This original and creative diagram can help you to boost your productivity and make stunning PowerPoint presentations. You can download this 3D Diagram for PowerPoint presentations with a circular arrow to make presentations on […]

Value Stream Mapping PowerPoint Template

Value Stream Mapping PowerPoint Template is a free value stream mapping template that you can download for presentations on lean manufacturing as well as other presentations on supply chain management and lean projects. You can download free value stream mapping PowerPoint template for presentations. Value Stream Mapping template can be used in business & operations […]

Harvey Balls Template for PowerPoint

Harvey Balls Template for PowerPoint is a free PPT template and toolkit with Harvey Balls in a PowerPoint presentation that you can use to copy and paste Harvey Ball images and shapes into your own business presentations. Harvey Balls are round ideograms used for visual communication and as a visualization tool to display qualitative information. […]