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What is an Iceberg PowerPoint template?

An iceberg PowerPoint template is a visual representation and graphic design of an iceberg in a PowerPoint slide that can help you to present a variety of business models. The iceberg templates can be used in a variety of business presentations and also in academic presentations to highlight the underlying or hidden causes of a specific event or situation.

The iceberg template metaphor is normally represented with an iceberg infographic showing the tip of the iceberg and then the hidden section of the iceberg.

With the editable iceberg PowerPoint templates available in this website, you can easily create presentations with iceberg graphics in PowerPoint.

Iceberg model templates for PowerPoint can help to create presentations that describe the tip of the iceberg and what’s hidden (not visible) at the bottom of the iceberg. By using 2D or 3D iceberg metaphor, the presenter can explain the concept of the iceberg with a visual slide.