Free Disease PowerPoint Templates

Flattening the Curve PowerPoint Template

Flattening the curve PowerPoint template is a presentation design featuring the curve of Healthcare System capacity that became popular in 2020 due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 disease, declared Pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO). This editable version of the Healthcare System Capacity curve can be downloaded and used for free to explain the importance of […]

DNA Strands PowerPoint Template

Free DNA Strands PowerPoint Template with Helix shape for presentations. This free genetic PowerPoint template can be used for microbiology and presentations on DNA, Drug Discovery and medicine. The DNA strands PowerPoint template contains many different slide designs with DNA Strands that you can copy and paste into your own presentations and create your own […]

Medical PowerPoint Template

Medical PowerPoint Template is a free healthcare PowerPoint template for doctors and physicians who need to make awesome PowerPoint presentations for their sector. This free medical PPT template has a pills image on top of the master slide and curves with yellow and blue. Alternatively you can download free medical PowerPoint templates from other free […]

Schizophrenia PowerPoint Template

Free Slide Schizophrenia PowerPoint Template is a free¬†PowerPoint Background for Medical presentations but also useful for PowerPoint presentations as an abstract background for general topics. This free template for PowerPoint contains a blue design slide with light background and very useful for doctors or healthcare professionals looking for free medical templates. This free¬†Schizophrenia PowerPoint presentation […]