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Free Business management PowerPoint Templates

Free Managerial Skills PowerPoint Template

Management is not a simple task, it needs the proper experience and knowledge, that’s why there is an existence of an organizational structure and hierarchy in an organization.¬†It is possible for a member¬†within an organization to gain experience, knowledge and skills that allows him to move from the bottom to the center or top of […]

Lead Generation Model Template for PowerPoint

Free Animated Lead Generation Model Template for PowerPoint is a simple lead generation funnel diagram design with custom animations in PowerPoint that can help you to prepare presentations on lead generation or presentations on how to generate leads. You can use this free lead generation PowerPoint template to prepare presentations on real estate lead generation, […]

McKinsey 7-S Diagram PowerPoint Template

Free McKinsey 7S diagram for PowerPoint is a free design for presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint with a simple McKinsey 7S diagram in the slide. You can download the diagram to prepare presentations on shared value. The slide design has 6 steps in a circular diagram with an additional central kernel. You can edit the text […]

Porter’s Five Generic Competitive Strategies PowerPoint Template

Michael Porter’s Five Generic Competitive Strategies is a free PPT Template with a unique slide design containing the Five Generic Competitive Strategies by Porter. You can download this free PPT template to prepare awesome business presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint or to be used for educational purposes in business schools and MBA. You can free download […]

Market Research PowerPoint Template

Free Market Research PowerPoint Template is a free PowerPoint template for marketing presentations that you can download to enhance your presentations with a nice circular diagram. This free market research PPT template can be used to prepare a market research analysis in a PowerPoint presentations. It contains a single but powerful slide with a market […]