Free 3C Model PowerPoint Templates

Download free 3C Model PowerPoint templates and slide designs based on the popular 3Cs model framework. 3C Model offers a strategic look at the factors needed for the business success, including the Customer, Competitors and Corporation and can be used to prepare corporate PowerPoint presentations and strategy PowerPoint presentations. Based on the 3C model, strategists should focus on 3 key factors for success while preparing an effective business strategy. Under this category you can download 3C model templates for PowerPoint including ready-made slide designs.

3C’s Strategic Framework Template for PowerPoint

3C’s Strategic Framework Template for PowerPoint is a simple template containing two slide designs with the 3C model diagram. You can download free 3C Strategic Framework template to prepare awesome strategy PowerPoint presentations using the 3C’s model. Previously we have published another 3C template for PowerPoint with a triangle design but here you can use […]