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How To Delete Gmail Contacts From Android Contact List

It happens more often than not that Android users end up synchronizing all of their Gmail contacts on their android device and it makes there life hell to browse through the contacts just in case they want to get to a particular detail. The bad news is that there is no easy way of getting […]

How Can You Synchronize Your Work With iPhone 6?

The newly launched iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus have created quite a buzz with its launch! No wonder people are going crazy world over to buy this mobile phone. But as much as it looks and feels good, does it offer any real value for money, especially if you want to use it […]

4Sync: Sync Files Between Devices With 15GB Free Cloud Storage Space

Many of the famous cloud storage services offer 2GB-5GB of free cloud storage space. This means that many users have to share and sync their files by using different services to get more and more free cloud storage to save everything from PowerPoint presentations to video files and music. 4Sync is a web service that […]

Syncbox: Sync Files Between Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, iOS And Android

Looking for an easy way to transfer your PowerPoint presentations, photos, videos and spreadsheets across various desktop and mobile devices? Try Syncbox. It is a SugarSync and Dropbox like cloud storage solution with the added advantage that it makes it possible for users to create their very own private cloud. In a previous post we […]